Chrom-Aah Therapy Bath Lights

This light kit contains a 9 LED light with waterproof housing a 12Volt transformer that plugs directly into a 110 Volt outlet under your bathtub and an air switch to turn the light off and on and alternate between colors.

The air switch comes in white, bone and biscuit so make sure you pick which color air switch you want when ordering. This air switch will be mounted to the deck of your bathtub which a hole will need to be drilled with a 1.5" hole saw. The light housing utilizes the same size hole saw.

All surfaces will need to be siliconed well in order to prevent any water leakage. Let dry for 24 hours before placing water in your bathtub. At this point check for any leaks.

Air Switch Color
Will require drilling and silicone inside and outside of tub.

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