Replacement Whirlpool Pump


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Replacement Whirlpool Pump

If your whirlpool system has an American Acrylic pump this is a direct replacement for it.
This pump comes in 3 different sizes:

  • 3/4 Horse Power will run 4 to 8 Jets
  • 1 Horse Power will run 8 to 10 Jets
  • 1.5 Horse Power will run 10 to 12 Jets

This bathtub pump comes with standard 1.5″ Unions to be used on most standard whirlpool systems. Your current unions should fit this pump, but in case they don’t, you will simply need to cut the existing ones off and put on the ones that come with this bathtub pump and motor. You will need to check your bathtub first to make sure you have 1.5″ hose going from your suction on bathtub to your current bathtub pump and motor. This can be flexible hose or rigid PVC pipe.

All bathtub pumps must be installed according to local electrical codes. If you have any questions before installation have your plumber or contractor call us for Technical Assistance.

Motor warranty: 2 years from date of purchase. Customer is responsible for shipping warranty motor back for repair.

We do not sell the motor or pump separately.


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Horse Power

3/4hp, 1hp, 1.5hp


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