Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a re-seller of bathtubs?
No. We manufacture all of our acrylic bathtubs and jets in Farmersville, TX.

Why don't you give prices on your web site?
We are looking into adding pricing to our web site. Offering customizable whirlpool and air jet bathtubs can become complicated by the number of jets and set-up. We assure you that the price you get via phone or email is fair and consistent with the price of all of our bathtubs.

I placed an order on your web site. Is that sale final?
No. The sale is not final until we receive your payment and you receive your bathtub.

How soon will I receive my bathtub?
We use LTL for all deliveries. Delivery times vary, but you should receive your bathtub in 3 to 5 days.

I'm a builder. Can I receive a discount for ordering in bulk?
Yes. Call us for details. 1-800-666-7961.

I'm a homeowner. How do I find someone who can install your custom bathtub?
Give us a call. We have a large list of recommended installers who are familiar with our product.

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